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The Wyatt Family vs the Shield: When Will It Happen?

The long awaited rivalry between the Wyatt Family and the Shield was teased following Monday Night Raw. But was it just a tease? or could it happen?

Raw Preview: Unmasked Fury

Last Monday Night on Raw, WWE started a new chapter in the "Best for Business" story line. This may have come at a cost for some superstars but it has boosted the interest in one specific rivalry.

BIG E Langston Receiving a MAJOR Push

Big E Langston is once again the talk of backstage. Apparently WWE is setting up a Major push for the young WWE Superstar.


Update on Roman Reigns & Big E Langston Push

Big E Langston
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It was reported a few weeks back that WWE was looking to push a select few mid card wrestlers within the next year.

The two names on that list that gained notoriety were Roman Reigns and Big E Langston.

We already saw that push coming forward with Langston, but will it last? And where is Reigns push?

Is Rey Mysterio Already Re-Injured?

Rey Mysterio
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Rey Mysterio returned to WWE this past Monday on Raw after suffering from a knee injury for several months. 

Mysterio was introduced at the end of the show, helping the baby faces overcome a heel assault following the mega twelve man tag team match. 

Fans reported Mysterio limping out of the arena. Is the once great mexican high flyer already injured again?


Who Will Be Appearing on Raw Tonight? (Possible MAJOR Return)

Jim Ross
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Tonight, WWE Monday Night Raw is LIVE from Nashville, Tennessee for Raw Goes Country!  This is a huge event WWE decided to plan and with every great event WWE puts on, there are bound to be special appearances.

We already know that american Music Award-nominated country act Florida Georgia Line will be on the show, but who else will be gracing their presence(s) on tonights Raw?

WWE Raw Preview: Survivor Series Go Home Show

(L-R) Triple H & Kane
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We are just hours away from tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, live from Nashville, Tennessee. Raw Goes Country tonight but it is also the go home show for Survivor Series.

Tonight, we will see the final card be setup for this Sunday's Survivor Series event. As well as the aftermath of last weeks Raw. The McMahons can't be happy

What to look forward too on Raw?


The Wyatt Family vs the Shield: When Will This Happen?

The Wyatt Family
courtesy of: villians
The long awaited rivalry between two of the most powerful factions in WWE today; the Wyatt Family, and the Shield, is set to happen sooner than the WWE Universe may think.

WWE teased the potential rivalry during an off the air brawl following this past Monday Night's Raw.

So when is the WWE Universe going to see this feud come to life on television?


Was Curtis Axel's Injury Faked?

Curtis Axel as IC Champion
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Just before WWE Hell in a Cell went live on October 27th, a report came out stating that Curtis Axel was being pulled from his Intercontinental title defense match against Big E Langston. reported that Axel was removed from the championship match because of an injury. However, this past Monday, Axel appeared on Raw looking healthy and uninjured, competing in a match against Dolph Ziggler.

So what the hell in going on?


Monday Night Raw Preview:Unmasked Fury

Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels
courtesy of: wwelivetv
Last Monday Night on Raw, WWE started a new chapter in the "Best for Business" story line. This may have come at a cost for some superstars but it has boosted the interest in one specific rivalry.

Last week the Wyatts picked two new targets in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, viciously assaulting both men throughout the night. An Unmasked Kane turned to the dark side, and the Big Show is once again, reeking havoc.

Whats in store for tonight? 


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